Have you ever told the day you wouldn't? Saying your hands are worn and your mind is cold. To say the light shows too much, and you rather like the impression you've made on your floor anyways. All the words outside bleed into one and you're left with a fun little word search puzzle that tells you the camels are packed. You tell them you don't understand but that just seems to add more letters to the mix. "Here, here's my skin, make it a day older and move along," you might say. This gray ceiling has your name all over it, or at least your eyes' names. Why'd you name your eyes? That's a little weird. Besides the winds a little harsh today and you feel the beginnings of a cold coming on. You'd be more help to the world here. What'd break if you're not there? Here's just so much nicer. Why are your feet needed? There's plenty of alternatives and their feet are happier to boot. Stupid pun... See you can't even catch a bad pun before it slips out, how are you supposed to guard your tongue. You should be left with your pillow, because it doesn't tend to get its feelings hurt by a loose mouth. Your pillow is far friendlier then your friends now that you think about it. Cheaper too. See, all the positives are lining up on one side, where's there even an argument?

You tried that? Yeah, the day has never answered me either.

note: So yes, yes this is a very incongruous narrative that changes its voice several times throughout its uttering. Basically its just me fooling around with second-person narrative, even though it is more consistently first-person then second. Of course a cardinal rule to writing is don't change your voice mid-narrative certainly not mid-paragraph, but cardinals are birds, why are they making rules? Its changing in tone and voice can be fun for the writer, but is hard on the reader, so I apologize. Well, no not really, its your fault for reading my ramblings. Anyways, too few people look at the narrator as a character, with both bias and fault, so its always fun to mess with people who think the narrator should be an objective non-liar. Welcome to Oddity.

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Heidi said...

I have that conversation regularly with myself. My pillow IS friendlier! Thanks for putting words to my scattered early a.m. thoughts.