So, last night I was returning to my car after having just gotten something to eat and found something odd. My key didn't want to turn to unlock my door. First I checked to make sure I was not trying to use the trunk key. Nope, I had the right key. I tried it again and it still wouldn't turn. My mind flashed back to my junior high days when kids would stick clay or putty in my locker's key slot. Of course it was ridiculous that someone would have done something similar in this instance and only to the lock on my car door. So I did a little trick I know that can work on some testy locks and was able to turn the key, though not without resistance. The door unlocked, I was happy but a little puzzled by my car's rebellion. But I became even more bewildered when I opened the door. My first thought was, "who put fluffy covers on my seats?" My second thought was, "remember how the idea of someone breaking into your car only to mess with your lock was stupid, multiply that considerably if you're thinking they broke into your car just to put covers on your seats." My mind rewound a little bit and I realized I remembered parking a bit further away then that. I turned around and the space of an empty parking space away was a car that looked surprisingly just like my car. I stifled an embarrassed laugh and then tried to battle the door locked again that I had just manipulated open. I went over to the other car, slid the key in the door and it turned like it was made for doing just that. "Hey, no fluffy seat covers. Maybe I should take this one."

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Mom Dub said...

Good thing the owner of the car you were trying to "steal" didn't come out, see you checking out the fluffy seatcovers and call the cops! Thanks for the laugh. I needed that!