Its a small flicker in the back of my mind. A glimpse of a scene or an act. It sparks and then leaves. Leaving me baffled and wondering. A sound may set it off or a step. I'll inhale and it hits, exhale and its left. It is a second memory of a hidden world. Does it hold secrets or nonsense? It braves its fear of the day and the unveiled eye. Perhaps I border its shores in my wandering. Perhaps I have found its passage.

The light has no words. To attempt to give it words is to invite it to leave me nothing. If I grab at it, the light dissipates. This apparition follows no command of mind. It is seperate and it is chaos. It seizes my mind in its weakness and then vanishes with no trail nor sounding. I can lay no trap for it, because I do not know its bait nor its method. To pursue the light is to hunt for the moon in a cave. It heeds neither bidding nor forbidding. It wants to show me nothing in its something. It tells me its there like a whisper in the wind but hides its image in the blindness of my mind.

Two worlds beginning to intersect.

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