I'm pretty sure I've been here before. That tree looks fairly familiar. Those stones look like, well stones, so that's not much help. Well even if I have been here before its not helping me get my bearing. Couldn't even say which way I went last time, or where I had come from. Well I can hear water some where around here, if I find that I have a starting point. Water won't turn me around in a circle. Well it could, but I don't think I'd be hearing it right now. Even if it did at least I'd be somewhere new. Unfortunately this water's as easy to find as my backside. Been going in circles for a while now it appears and I ain't seen a wit of it. I can't even get clear of these trees to get a bigger picture of the situation. And I've tried sitting in one place but that only helps me notice I'm dirty, tired, and sore. So, I guess I can rest for the night and hope the wind and clouds are kind, or work this circle I've got going in the ground until I hit China. Or gold, then I could be a rich lost guy. Richest lost guy known to man, well known to one man.

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