Character of the Day:

I read something recently from Bill Willingham speaking about "The Good Prince" storyline. He talked about how nervous Mark Buckingham (the above artist) was at drawing the story because he was afraid Willingham would ruin the one true innocent in the cast of Fables. I had not thought about that specific description of Flycatcher, but it certainly fits in the literary sense. At least in regards to the major figures. Before this storyline though he was not a mover. It will certainly be interesting to see the road Willingham takes the reader and poor Ambrose down. I also finally got to read the prince's backstory, and it was as tragic as I had heard. Plus James Jean did the art for the story. Thus, it ended up being the best of "Snowfall" by my own estimation. It also cleared up a particular duality I was not able to puzzle out, and will be helpful knowledge come Volume 10 time. The best thing about these stories, besides the characters, is Willingham's undauntable intention to keep moving forward. Ever since the initial status quo of the series was broken, it just took off. Admittedly I've felt it kinda hovering (in a non-status quo kinda way) ever since "Homelands", but "The Good Prince" definitely makes me hope this is the step that was necessary. And Flycatcher is the main character, so kick me in the shins if I'll complain. "March of the Wooden Soldiers" to "Homelands" was one of the most entertaining stretches of serialized storytelling that I have experienced, but I can't shake the feeling that Willingham isn't actually that good a writer he just happened to fall into his perfect story. Also the lack of an intended conclusion to the whole thing has me a little scared its going to eventually drag into meaninglessness. Then again an intended ending may limit the man too much. Who knows? Anyways I'll look forward to the next Fables trade release to witness the further adventures of the man who was a frog.

Best hat ever.

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