So I actually watched the Oscars this year.  Couldn't say the last time I saw much of one of the ceremonies.  And this year I had only seen one of the "big" oscar movies, and only a couple of the ones that were kicking around the technical awards.  So why watch it?  I had nothing else to do, and happened to see something about it having started while I was in the peak of my "I have nothing to do" phase.

A couple thoughts:

I think the music they used for the 79 previous Best Picture montage was humorously ironic.  Nothing screams Best Picture like Dragonheart... well okay maybe there's a few other movies.  That's just one of those soundtracks, along with Rudy, and The Rocketeer, that'll always get thrown onto inspirational montages/trailers.  Though The Rocketeer has faded some, mostly since Disney stopped using it on every live action movie trailer they did.  Which I suppose was a while ago now.  I recently saw a Disney conglomerate trailer with the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves opener.  That was a bit disorienting, but I guess they figure no one knows that music any longer except losers like me.

Also the people who put in the little snippets for the movies that get elected needs a talking to.  During the Best Editing clips they showed a scene that had me frustrated.  They showed a scene that kinda gives away a major event from one of the movies in a very blatant way.  I would have been upset if I was one of the makers of that movie on their choice for that clip.  Although what was funny to me, was that this same clip I thought was poorly edited, because the event was supposed to be surprising but precisely because of its editing I knew exactly what was going to occur.

Oh and to defy my earlier boundary to the number of ideas that was to follow, a few months ago when I saw a banner ad for There Will Be Blood and was fairly certain the picture I was seeing was Daniel Day-Lewis, I thought, "Oh he's gonna be good in that."  Which of course isn't a hard thing to imagine, but I had no idea what the movie was.  That was the first time I'd heard about it, to the best of my knowledge.  It was just a picture, but it just made you know Daniel Day-Lewis would have one of "those" performances.  I still haven't seen the movie, but I had him picked for the Oscar way back then.  

‹I look around warily to make certain zombie Tolstoy hasn't come to smack me over head›

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