If I ever learn Russian, there is one word I would really want to look up: The title of the first book of the second part of Brothers Karamazov.  The first translation I read had it as Lacerations.  The present translation I am reading has it as Strain.  I know I have seen a few others in looking through a book store.  It is a very interesting word coupled with an interesting discussion within the book.

Loki's a woman?!  I am guessing Enchantress is no more?

Two weeks until Snake's return, and most likely demise.  I hope I am not too eager.

Six more days before Ambrose gets his due.  Or at least I will read him getting his due.  Which other readers haven't liked...  But I am still looking forward to it.

Charlton Heston moves funny.

That Thor movie's gonna be a monkey on uppers to try and handle.  But at least they are dreaming big...  I guess.  I'm sure I'll see it.

Sweet, Mockingbird's back.  Or is she?

First half of Indy was somewhat enjoyable.  Not more than the other three, but I was enjoying myself.  As soon as Marion showed up... stagnation is the word of the day.

Wonder what blu-ray looks like on a non-HD TV...

Dmitri, Ivan, and Alexei.  So much to mine.

I'm gonna venture a prediction that The Rock is a traitor in Get Smart.

As Tony Stark's most famous villain is his alcoholism, it'll be interesting to see who they pick for the next movie.  I know!  They could do the Melter to setup the original Masters of Evil for the Avengers movie...  What?  You disagree?

I have decided that prior to reading A Memory of Light I will read back through books one through eleven...  That's a lot of pages.

Oh and good luck Brandon Sanderson.

A Runaways movie could be great.  

David Boreanaz has enough trouble acting as it is, why try and get him to do voice acting?  Though as Squall I'll admit he was kinda humorously fitting.

I think watching TV shows on DVDs has really spoiled me...

I just read Dostoevsky's seven-page paragraph.  Wonder what the record is.

Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog... Sounds like something out of Venture Bros.  Which is not a bad thing.  

Go Team Venture!

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The Venerable Monster said...

"Loki's a woman?! I am guessing Enchantress is no more?"

Been reading Thor lately or is this for the film (Have to say that caught me off guard as well in the new Thor comic as I thought Loki was a male)?

For Indie, I think I agree, tho Marion didn't bother me as much as she might have, overall I enjoyed it (and the subject matter didn't bother me).

I think blu-ray on non-hd looks similar to dvd but i'm not sure.

As for the Melter? No!

and waiting for June 1st, Go Team Venture!