One act down.  And so far, Snake's final adventure is great.  That great kind of great.  You know the one you can feel in your spleen.  Only drawback has been a character that was added for "comedic" effect wasn't very... comedic.  He's actually one of the reoccurring characters/situations from the series, but it has never been as intrusive and annoying as it was this time.   The gameplay is fantastic though.  I've never felt so sneaky.  They made great revisions to the ideas they added in Snake Eater.  And plenty more innovations besides.  

I was actually surprised by a lack of cutscene/codec moments.  At least by Hideo Kojima standards.  In fact I could have used a little more story in the first act.  They throw just a few things to get your hunger up.  But thus far the gameplay is what's carrying me through.  But it is really carrying me through.  Of course I had seen most of the videos in preview footage so that may be affecting me.  From here on out though  I have only seen glimpses.  Except for the Raiden - Vamp fight though I don't know how that ends.  

I'll just have to see where Hideo and company take me from here on out.  So far, very good.  

Special note: Since when do iPod's have external speakers?

Specialer note: That first video thingie still has me confused...


avallak said...

You might want to get that spleen checked. I'm a little hazy on my anatomy, but I don't recall the spleen being a sensory organ.

Daryl Smith said...

Where did you see an iPod with external speakers?