It suddenly struck me today that if I were in any way responsible for the Batman movies the third movie would introduce Talia.  Which in some ways surprises me, but it suddenly clicked that this could work.  The whispers of a moderately functional story and thematic arc just sorta popped into place.  It could also be just ho hum, but it could go a long ways to redeeming the Ra's Al Ghul they had in the first movie.  I will not call him bad, but just far short of what I would expect from the Demon's Head.  They could keep the fanboys dancing around the idea of whether or not Ra's is coming back, as well.  Which I would rather he didn't, but it could be played on in the movie, an anti-messiah of sorts.

Talia would also be something new for the movies that Catwoman, the Riddler, etc. would not be (as in not previously done).  And that would be refreshing.

They have used the two villains that make the easiest transition into Nolan's world in this movie.  So past this point the steps may be a little more rickety.

There are both pros and cons for Talia in Dark Knight, that I won't expound here for the sake of anyone who stumbles onto this blog that hasn't seen the movie (in which case I apologize for my assault on your good tastes).  But both the pros and cons are relevant for the discussion.

I am not predicting Talia will be the next villain.  I would say 20% chance at best.  But that is the road I would at least start exploring.  

As for Robin, I think he is a more doable character than people believe could fit in the Nolan universe.  I have some ideas in my head as to how he could work.  However this is not to say they should do Robin.  I would avoid it.  But I believe it is doable.  The comic fans may not like the interpretation though, if they like strict translations.  I, however, am all for good changes (not saying my change meets an objective standard of good).


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you should start writing the script! Your brothers could help you with the format if you aren't familiar with the scriptwriting style.

avallak said...

IGN agrees with you.

Anonymous said...

They also recommend The Riddler which I disagree with. But I am not thinking of how to alter him.

I forgot about Talia being slated as a JLA villain... which is still odd.