Another cover of the week:

Maybe someday I'll make a real post. But for now:

The wonderful cover art of James Jean. One of his simpler ones with mostly washed out color. But he uses enough contrast to bring out the picture. Some of his low color covers it is harder to pull the action out from the background. I heard recently that Jean will no longer be doing Fables covers... I shed a tear. And I just lied.

One potential drawback on James Jean covers, is they don't especially draw you into the story. Which isn't to say they have nothing to do with the story. But I usually have a disconnect between the cover and the story. I don't know if it is the art separation or what. Either way I love the covers and I generally love the stories, but there is a bit of a distance between the two for me.


The Venerable Monster said...

I dig it.

Caleb Weston said...

I have always loved James Jean's Fables covers. Bummed to hear he won't be doing them any more.