Peripheral vision: gray shaggy, a frozen laugh on a cell phone. Old couple, dragging and chattering. More heard than seen as I create the rules. Smile! Jesus Loves You! New rules. White bike; ack! Tree. And noise. Blocked by a happy old man. Being chauffeured by an apparent daughter in blood, law, or spirit.

Green, white, red. Blue parked. Little girl playing with a laundry cart against her doorstep. Turns to look with a pacifier half the size of her face. String of people, tailed by a cell phone. Another laundry cart and a hard hat(?). I hope the coin laundry knows people are walking off with their carts. "Grab my hand!"

Root beer float and donuts... Green, white, green. Something creative, something creative, nope. Royal old chairs. Dry weeded fountains. Awesome, actually. A road blocked with laughter.

I wonder if that creates any arguments. You might as well mow the fellow's lawn, you're already fertilizing it. Awesome dog. Not so awesome dog, dog, cat. "Hi" - her; "Hello" - me. Huh, these lots are deeper than I thought. What is that person watering? And this person is just watering their lawn. "... every day, hun." Heh, I made him jump.

No parking in the park parking lot from sunset to 7:00 am. I regret to inform you, Mr. Park, that you do not have a parking lot for me not to park in. Music. Party. A neighbor is out reading, enjoying the shared music. Or protecting his home from the party. Football: dribble, dribble, dribble. She apparently wants to be as far from the party as she can get without leaving the property. And this fellow the same, but in the next lot. Oh, that's cause he's smoking. Cough. Rewind. Perhaps I should bite before I chew. Live play.

No parking at Parkin Gardens. But there's a move-in special! And an excavation. Two paths. Hesitation. Sidewalk. Oldies? Maybe not. Why thank you for sharing your music. Neon lights for a beauty salon. Taco nachos. Free car. Fresh fruit cup and cut.

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Stuart said...

Oh to be inside that head of yours...