Now to begin... I do not recommend this movie. Perhaps a few of you would like it. But I am going to just stand out and say do not see this movie, so that in case you do, don't blame me.

Personally though, my mind is still reeling from this incident. This surpassed Adaptation for me in the list of Charlie Kaufman movies. It actually bares a lot of similarities to Adaptation, but it reaches much farther and wider, and in the end is more than a joke (though Adaptation was an enjoyable joke). Kaufman again attacks himself as a storyteller and lays himself open for the audience, at least if the audience can figure out what the heck is going on. (It also bore a very obvious resemblance to 8 1/2, another good, crazy movie)

Wow. Dumbfounded has been a pretty good description of my aftermath from this movie. I honestly hardly have a mental handle on the movie at this point. It would take many more viewings to perhaps begin to understand its language. I am not sure if I can take more viewings though...

It should be stated that I greatly disagree with Kaufman's worldview (or at least I am pretty sure I do). Though he might say he is not actually proclaiming anything. But regardless of my disagreeing with his ideology, just seeing him craft this movie was amazing. And humorous. I laughed out loud often. But it is Kaufman humor. I cannot promise you will get Kaufman humor. So again, stay away.

I do think Kaufman actually started talking too intentionally to the audience at the end. I realized he wanted to bring his movie home, but it felt like he started talking too much. He started washing away some of his subtlety. Perhaps he did not trust himself enough.

Anyways, I just had to have some outlet for my brain. I realize I did not really say anything, but my mind is jumping up and down and I am inclined to start pacing all night. I already paced through the credits and my legs are still twitching. So I am hoping writing this will alleviate some of the mental steam. (Oh and I wanted to drop a good quotation, but IMDB is sadly lacking my favorites.)



Stuart said...

You're on a roll with your postings. Good job. =)

I haven't seen nor am I very familiar with Kaufman's works so I will leave my comment thusly.

AedonTor said...

Kaufman's most easily accessible work is Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, but I think some of that is Michel Gondry's (the director) fault.