"Oh, Chanty-clear, there is a beautiful Cow. When I was hurting the most, this beautiful Cow came to me. And somebody maybe should have punished me, on account of all the troubles that I caused. But she loved me, Chanty-clear. Isn't that a mercy? She touched me, she fed me, she washed me, and that is how she loved me. Then this is how she forgave me: she did the same thing for my daughter Hopsacking. All of the hurts, everyone one of the hurts, she took away from me with her eyes and with her tongue, and there was no reason for that, but she did it, Chanty-clear. Do you know this beautiful Cow? One horn on her head? She knows you, Chanty-clear. She said that she loves you, Chanty-clear. You especially—Shh, don't cry, Chanty-clear, poor Chantry-clear. You didn't listen to her when she came to you, but that's okay, too, because look: she sent me. This is the main reason why I came. To forgive you. Don't cry. Don't cry. See? I forgive you—"

The Book of Sorrows
Walter Wangerin Jr


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Such an amazing writer, amazing book. Just this excerpt brings back everything from that read, including the emotions. Everyone should read Wangerin's two books. Everyone.