So I just had to write out the date today, which reminded me of a story.

I think it was about four years ago when I was looking especially... umm... unkempt: long hair, shaggy beard, (I may have been wearing one of my holey shirts (not to be confused with holy)) etc., I answered the door to some guy trying to sell magazine subscriptions for I think it was the ability to go to some kind of leadership conference or some such. I listened to his initial little ditty about how the money was for such a good cause, etc.

Once I was allowed to speak I told him I wasn't interested and motioned to close the door. But he quickly threw in a "are you a Bob Marley fan?" I thought this was a random question, and said, "No, although truth be told I had never really listened to him." (the last comment was because of my infernal need to clarify things) I realized he was trying to get at something but I really couldn't put it together. The next question unconfusticated me however.

"Do you celebrate on April 20th?"


After taking a moment for it to dawn on me, what precisely this guy was looking for, I gave a good thrown-back-head laugh and told him, "No. No I don't." And closed the door (politely).

So first the guy was first trying to get money from me to attend a leadership conference and when that failed he decided to see if he could score some pot off me (or perhaps sell me some, I don't really know). At least he was smart enough to attempt it in that order and not the reverse.

It is funny the assumptions that get made to try and explain me.

Though I did shave my head a few days later (on my birthday if I am remembering this all correctly).


Anonymous said...

I thought you were born in March, not April!? How could you have shaved your head a few days after this incident on your birthday?

AedonTor said...

The incident was not in April. I was just questioned if I celebrated on a particular day in April. Though he was more interested in how I celebrated. It would have been funny if I was born on April 20th. I would have been shocked as to how he knew when my birthday was. And still not be understanding his subtle hints.