A journey of a hundred steps and a thousand
To walk along the shore of the forest of night
A hunger though fed, a light except shadow
All the longing in his stride, the pain before his eye
It is there before him but beyond his grasp
Beyond his sight, beyond his knowing

He hopes upon it. He tries to rest upon it
But his doubts and his curse confuse
And muster a cloud in his head
He walks in the steps before him
But not in faith or trust
He walks them because it is before him

And yet a crack of lightning a smash of thunder
And the echoing silence in pale light illumines
He sees not what comes before him
The light strikes from where he has come
And he sees his steps, his path, his past
He sees through what he has passed

And hope is renewed.


Skip said...

Illuminated. Good work. More please.

Skip said...