The High Widow: "... so you see. The Hearth stands ready for a siege that lasts until the end of time if need be. If we must, we will wait until Death himself dies. But we will not recognize his claims, we will not face nor fight him. That struggle cannot be won. We will instead a world create wherein he is unwelcome. No more knights. No more children. No more brave captains. No more of our best will be lost to the labyrinth. Hearth is the home at the end of all journeys."

Joe: "But what happened to the stars? The sky's just black."

The High Widow: "The people don't need stars. They have you. The Dying Boy is real. According to their simple beliefs, that means they are saved."

Joe the Barbarian #6: Grant Morrison

Morrison is finally hitting on what I've been hoping for. Hopefully he pulls the conclusion off.

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Skip said...

Sounds intriguing. How has the series been as a whole? Or maybe you will get to that in a later post?