Every time they fall you expect them to be saved. It has occurred so often that you know they will survive. The bright colors will come and save them in the midst of their screams. We have no fear, we've seen it too many times. We might even suffer a yawn.

But this one time... this one time he didn't save her. In fact he might have been the force that killed her. A little snap. Physics are finally given their respect, but at the cost of beauty, and at the cost of love.

He failed. He isn't supposed to fail. Not when he's all dressed up. He always wins. He always saves them. But in this he failed. When it meant more to him than any other time. That is when his debt came due.

And he would abandon everything he stood on, as his love is taken away. He would leave his decaying friend, he would rage upon his enemy, he would break away from any comfort. But in spite of this he hears a gentle tearful click.

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Skip said...

Sad times, physics is very demanding... Gnap!