Any art I have is granted from your hands, oh Lord. The thirst in my chest to scratch beauty on paper is my longing for Your waters everlasting. The song in my ear Your whispers.

May my work bless Your name. May it ring joyfully in Your ears. Grant my tongue the release of Your praise, Crafter of Skills. Mighty Father, hear Your adopted son. Bless me with a story to tell: one of Your mercy and grace, Your redemption and love. May it magnify and praise You.

Humble my pride; crush my arrogance. Let me see Your hand in the gifting, in the coincidence. I have proven in the distance of time that my strength is not permitting. Let me instead trust in Yours, oh mighty God. Fill my lungs with Your breath of life, that it fuels my every move, my every thought, and is expelled with my every breath.

May I do this not for my glory, but Yours, Creator God.

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Skip said...

Amen, as should the prayer of any Christian writer, or artist really, be.