I decided to challenge myself a bit more on my reading goal for the year 2012. This present year it was 100 books in a year with the full knowledge that I was gonna count just about anything I could as a book. And thus I met my goal but do not feel adequately stretched. Thus I have crafted a goal that will more stretch and hopefully grow me as a reader and as a I-am-terrible-at-writing-but-do-it-anyways kinda writer. At the time this goal came to mind I was feeling again the self-enforced pressure to finally read some Hemingway and had also just picked up The Grapes of Wrath for a reread, and thus this little reading project popped into being.

It is 12 Modernist (or somehow associated with Modernist) writers in 12 months. I have to read at least one book/play/poem collection in that particular month, but will have some backups in place for reading a bit more. A few of these months will be rougher than others. A few more will be enjoyed more than others. I am sure there are plenty of surprises in store too.

This list is still subject to change and especially July, but also a few others, still need some research. Please give some recommendations if you so desire it.

I also really hope to stretch myself at reading short stories and poetry more than I normally would.

List Symbol Key:

* - required reading

• - reread

§ - especially excited about

January - Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway has been such a vacuum in my reading that I really look forward to finally get some under my belt. Would love to do all four of his most famous works. I don't necessarily expect to love him, but really want to read him.

The Sun Also Rises (1926) *

A Farewell to Arms (1929) *

For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940)

The Old Man and the Sea (1951)

February - F. Scott Fitzgerald

After Great Gatsby, I had no idea what would be good of his to read. But I have to reread Great Gatsby if I'm doing Modernists Literature. And I've been wanting to do a reread for some time.

The Great Gatsby (1925) *•

This Side of Paradise (1920)

Short Stories

March - William Faulkner

So I read As I Lay Dying last year... and absolutely loved it. Faulkner was a huge motivation for me to do this project. So I figured this would help me celebrate my birthday month.

The Sound and the Fury (1929) *§

Absalom! Absalom! (1936) §

As I Lay Dying (1930) •§

Short Stories

April - James Joyce

I kinda dread Ulysses. Maybe unfairly but I do. Still, we're talking Modernists and I've heard it called the beginning of the movement, so... And I figure I need to read it some day.

Ulysses (1922) *

Dubliners (1914)

Finnegans Wake (1939)

May - T.S. Elliot

I am definitely not an avid reader of poetry so it'll be nice to use this project to stretch me in this area. His collected poems don't span too many pages so I would really like to get a play in as well.

Collected Poems *

Murder in the Cathedral (1935)

June - Mikhail Bulgakov

So I'd heard about this book and then saw it loosely connected with Modernists so I decided to lump this in. Hopefully I will get to a point where I actually remember Bulgakov's name so I don't refer to this month as the Russian guy.

The Master and the Margarita (1928-1967) *

July - Samuel Beckett

Seems a stretch but supposedly he's a later modernist. Though he feels more post-modern in Waiting for Godot. Oh well, I want to read more. Just don't know what yet.

Still need to research *

Waiting for Godot (1953) •

August - Virginia Woolf

Okay, so this month does not excite me, but that is more out of ignorance than substance. I should give Ms. Woolf a shot.

Mrs. Dalloway (1925) *

To the Lighthouse (1927)

Orlando (1928)

September - Robert Frost

Lots of poems. Not sure how much I'll read. Would be nice to read a play or something besides.

Collected Poems * (probably won't require the whole thing)

October - Franz Kafka

Not sure how Modernist he is but I saw him on a list so here he is. I may do more research into what people recommend.

The Trial (1925) *

The Metamorphosis (1915) •

Other Short Stories

November - Joseph Conrad

So Conrad is considered a forerunner of Modernism. Well, it gives me an excuse to read him, so I'll use it.

Lord Jim (1900) *

Heart of Darkness (1899) •§

December - John Steinbeck

And then there's this fellow. The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden are amazing works. I will love to delve into more of his stuff.

Tortilla Flat (1935) *§

Of Mice and Men (1937) *§

Cannery Row (1945) *

The Pearl (1947)

The Red Pony (1933)

The Moon is Down (1942)

If anyone is feeling the desire to join in on any of the frolicking fun, even if to a lesser extent, please let me know. It would perhaps help push me on and insulate the burnout a little. Or you can just choose to bug me and make fun of me over it. I will try and keep up a little widget up updating my status and progress. Feel free to ask me how it is going. Bring it on.

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