When I was young, I could hear the snow fall. The whisper of promise upon the yellow land.  Sleep, little one, if you can, for tomorrow you shall find your home fey, it sang.  And my heart tuned to its failed lullaby.  I would keep my eyes from proving my ears for fear of falsehood.  I would press my pillow harder, press my eyes shutter, wanting this sleep to carry me to dawn's truth.  But the frozen castles would come, the enchanted winter woods.  My home transformed into the magic land of yearning.  I knew it was there outside my window, oh come faster.  Pave me the road to far away and future yesteryear.

Yet the morning came and I was contained.  The cold bit at me.  My eyes hurt to light.  Blanket felt far more enchanting a land.  But my hopes are not extinguished.  I armor and hide my person for adventure.  Slow to the way I come, to door and beyond.  And through.  Where are you dragons?  Where are you treasure?  I saw icy bland.  It was as a desert of water.  One I could not touch for my armor.  I tried to embrace it but it felt not like my dreams.  It crunched a spine-twisting crunch in my hands.  I slip and I hurt anumbed.  I am damp and wretched.  Yes my world is changed, but changed to a bitter farce of my awakened dream.  In the night I was the light deer running.  My shut eyes saw the ancient land.  A quest for legends was the day to me. Yet I am the defeated knight, clumsy and coward of battle.

Oh you singing liar in my ear.  You who twisted my night.  To what did my heart attune?  What fell black truth of nothing did you tie me too?  Is it before me?  Will the next storm bring this faerie land?  Or do you call me on to the impossible?  The words to your song were unknown to me before your subtle song weaving.  And now it will take me years to forget your sly cuts.  A feyness indeed you brought, fey and treacherous.  Where is this forever land you promised?

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