You cast off your fetters, your bindings and your heart
Bold you build your tempest walls to shield
From the harm and fire of man you march

Abolish your name, it is your weakness
You are no one, and thus none can reach you
Man is to man, so you are not man

Take your flag to new kingdom hills
Newfound Neptune your self-gifted crown
A new eden with names to dispense

I hear a longing
in my tears
to follow
cast out
a mountain
or a desert
to run

Yet you do not escape
Your heart is not dead
It festers and grows in disease

You have embraced your corpse
All the arrows not removed
Your infections you cannot cleanse

Your family still knows you by name
In your denial you unbury
And ghosts haunt you in your depths

To run
is to fall
into the trap
I drink
in fear
of blood
it is pain
to heal

And you let the maw eat you
You bring the fire of man
Into your heart and burn those

Those who would feast
Those who would ravage
Those who would kill

You feast, ravage, and kill
And sink forever, hands removed
Sink into the abyssal storm

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