Unto the unabashéd Sun he steps.  Not held or hindered through sphered cloud, not cast as paint to a shield window.  But free and hungry before him, drawing, pulling.

And he hears the Fire's song.

Be free of bounds.  Cast off your chains.  You were made to fly, can you not feel it.  Look on me and know your heart.  Have you ever heard your name before?  Let go of your false gravity and fall headlong to my dance.  And I shall name you.

The Stars bear the free chorus.

Fly.  Fly with us brother.  Sing us the song of your life.  We shall cry and joy and laugh and wink.  We shall play our childish games.  Name us.  See in us your heroes.  See in us your beasts.  Give us the love of your wings and we shall cast our light ever-bright.

The Dark beats a drum.

Gaze into our foreverness.  We are the unexplored, little bird.  We are your mystery.  Come in, bathe in our night and hear the riddles solve.  Find the hidden life you know ungraspably.  We carry peace, the peace of the utmost river.  Swim in our waves and be lost, and be found.

The music rises to crescendo.  It courses through his body, his body twitching with the dream.  One little kick, one little push and he would be free.  To be free amongst the heavens...

So instead the man logs into his music library and walks over to finish repairs on the external sourcing coupler on the surface of the ship.

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