In the sun's quiet gray was I born
A somber and fade, earth was discord
A chaos of order and weary stretched balance
No noise but that necessary to warn
Of the thorn and the wave and the horror

Blanch at the storm, at the wolf
At the door.  How would you walk
Under duress of the loom
Bind it and crush it so no power
It hold over current of heart and song

And in days pallid I raised my chin
Not so high as to be seen but to take
In the shadows of the quiet artific peace
And by sight I was safely harmed
And to save from death I was slain living

A flicker and flack, a candle she
Luminous and dangerous and very
Dead.  Corpse to rule and rote and rein
A fear beyond ken.  A danger unwordable
How does one walk upon pathless planar precipeak

My foot disproved the word of my hand
Following flame, I spoke curse in shame
By color saw I the fierce fierce beast preying
Praying for light and the needless song
I falter in follow, fearing the far field freedom

But I fall.  In flame and fire I fall floundering
And she laughs that merry corpsed laugh of living
And I die discarding my undeath to live and in future
Die.  And no more can I follow flam├ęd her but
A sun, oh it colors the day glorious and dreadful

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