"But on him mighty doom was laid,
till Moon should fade, an orbéd star
to pass, and tarry never more
on Hither Shores where mortals are;
for ever still a herald on
an errand that should never rest
to bear his shining lamp afar,
the Flammifer of Westernesse."
The Fellowship of the Ring

The longing has come upon me once more.  My eyes have seen the sea and my heart longs for the Distant Shore.  The draw to rereading The Lord of the Rings has become too strong to ignore.

But I want to challenge myself in the rereading of it.  And that's where you come in.  I have a few ideas in my head as to the how, but cannot yet decide as to the which.

• First idea: Write up a little response to each chapter like I did for The Hobbit a few years back (which I actually never finished...)

Second: Try to draw my way through the reading.  I have always wanted to do this, but am greatly afeared of the project.  I warn you, if you pick this option, you will very likely see nary a hair on a hobbit's foot of my drawings.  (and I will likely give up very quickly, hah)

Third: This option could be dangerous to you... In this I would try and muster a troop of like-hearted readers who would want to read through it communally.  And some form of communication on the reading would accompany this option.  Whether it be an online book club thing like what The Rabbit Room did with So Brave, Young and Handsome, or meeting up in person to discuss it, or some other option still not yet seen.

• Fourth: Probably the easiest, but the most likely to bring out the curmudgeon in me, is to read through them and then do a 'review' or play by play watch through of the movies full of my complaining and crying (and occasionally complimenting) the adaptation.

• Fifth: Other.  You'll have to leave the suggestion in the comments.

Please vote on the poll to the left.  (If you want to join in the reading, I have extra copies...)

I presently need to finish one book which will take me a bit longer, and then I will probably whip through The Hobbit really quickly.  After that I'll be raring to go.

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