As doors open and close, it is easy to forget that which has passed.  So with gratitude I reflect on the things I have been allowed to be a part of these past few years through my employment.  I was perhaps just a small cog in the machine, but I raised millions of dollars for good work to be done...

•  Feeding orphans, the destitute, the starving, the homeless
•  Giving clean water to those whose only option had been tainted, poisoned
•  Disaster relief: earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes
•  Medical care and supplies for those with nothing else
•  Support for those bringing the life-giving Word of God across the world, including those where the name of Christ could imprison the minister of the gospel
•  Support for those suffering extreme persecution; help for families whose loved ones are in prison for the name of Jesus
•  Bibles in many languages into the hands of the searching
•  Bibles and spiritual provision for the soldier
•  Battling the stress and strain of the return from war with counseling and the Word
•  Leadership training for building churches in spiritually starving countries
•  Supporting ministries across campuses
•  And so, so much more

If one life was saved through these efforts, it was worth the years.

Ransomed.  Adopted.  Redeemed.

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