A year is years and we sleep.
In a tidal dance we lose
The steps of time beneath
The swell and fall through
Dusty waves and whisper

And wake we upon a shore.
Alien and sundered far
From home and friendly
Star. Yet kin surround 
But all abound in stranger

And we know not father.
Mother lost and brother 
Hides. We feast on fell
And deadly deed bound
In anguish we fall in

And what light recast
Can lead us hence
To homeward lands
Not recompense 
For our stark sin.

And yet lost we sing
To the unknown one
We dream can find us
Name us and unite
With recast family newly

To lands of mystery and
Home we row and starve
And feast upon the one
Who lives and dies and 
Breathes the life and

1 comment:

Jose Lara said...

Alas thee a singing melancholy
Shoudst play upon a midnight violin
the lasting songs of a desperate people's.