And in every leaf a kingdom
A journey through the wind
Every crack a clarion
To the waiting watcher west

But this night a night of silence
Where canine never speaks
And a river is just a river
And sleep is just the end

It a shade, a mystery
Of effervescent dark
With joyful fear I venture
In trail of singing night

But now a song is words
In rhythm and in rhyme
To simply run a high and low
And fully end in time

I will dance upon the stream
Dance upon the cliff
I will drink ambrosial drink
Overflowing and with laugh

No, it is a tired thing
Graying, dying grass
The water murking 
Ever grasping for a breathe

And crowns and queens 
With court and bard
Grail, beast, and lair
Quest abound 'pon every tree

Yet it itches and it scrapes
It bites my heart
And tells me of the real things
Whose names are all a-named

And a creak is a story
Which I swim and I drink
And I am overwhelmed
And I sink and I love it

And I cannot breath
The water drowns
An old man
He sinks
And cries

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