She holds the door as shield before her eye. Peering with single vision at strange voice. Her hand halts the ready child, keeping from the unknown. Fear cuts her half, undoing. And she cannot give herself. The strange can not know her; they can not see.  And she can not be. The fear rules and the fear reigns and she holds the door.

The strange ask and seek and love and listen, wanting whole what is not given. But shield cuts the fearful heart and care cankers the hidden hand. The other is given glimpse and glimmer of the given not the giver. Truth is removed in sight, and she cannot hear the counter word. Protected and safe and dying.

And I am she and she is me and we fear the fearful. Yet my door will never hold the water. My hand cannot save my child. This house is falling and I hold back the saver. Hear words that please and flee words that hurt true. One eye to blind and one eye to see the world's dangers pass.

And she breaks my heart as my fear is her fear and it smothers us.

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Garnett said...

Whew. Break my heart. "Protected and safe and dying." Amen. Ache, ache, ache.