A road straight through
The sun bridge span
Water birth, wetted grave
Eye to eye, Sol swift run.

Coeus to Crius our tread
A day, a night, a day again.
Across the dust we shed home
And Home is found again.

Our names changed to old
New ways lived deeper than 
The sea. A family blood and 
Bond and flame of divine unity.

We singley split in faction whole
To task of tarnished garment
Gold. And strive and sweat
In joyful pain. True water bless us.

Oh sweet breath of breeze
Adds beauty to the sight,
Atop a roof being made a ground,
Of fields, crops, and harvest.

The father farmer to this land,
Seeking crop we plant seeds;
Build him a home for water life
To feed the field fertile fallow.

And life rises with our joy
Springing from dry dust earth
Cracking and twisting new 
Words from lost mute mouths.

Clouds of play with rules unruled. 
Ropes untied. Water unbound. 
Friendship never spoken, but known 
deeper than strength allows.

A song between the rivers flow
Dancing daring in a flam├ęd
Fury of friendship and grace
Transcendent Word of words
The farewell tears us twain
Healing with hurt the thing
We never thought a wound.


Rick Floyd said...

beautiful. gotta talk to you about this.

Garnett said...

Read this over and over. Amen.

So much I love in this--the depth of experience and unity and love and Home and the good and the beautiful in that week... Don't have the words to respond.

I was trying to explain to someone today that it's not like I sat down with people there and became best friends that know all about each other... But the friendship was deep, found in the shared eternal. That's what I see in this.