I sought Eesa the Eagle to open Wisdom’s Door but the way changed. The water turned green, the leaves blue, and the sky a dying gold. Lir’s hand twisted my heart as a thing not the sun looked down on me. I acted the cub, doing what the lost should never, I ran. The way I had come was not the way I had come and I was lost.

“To where do you run?”

“To before.”

“Before is no longer.”

“Who are you?”

“The Now.”

“Do you seek my life.”

With thought, “Yes.”


“So you may live… now.”

“Who are you?!”

“Your fear and your love. Who are you.”


“You are the Last.”

“I have many brothers!”

“The last of many. How long have you run.”

“A night? A day?”

“A life.”


“Along the lines Dream casts on the eye. Through the waters of Echo cutting a hidden valley. Upon the Storm and the Silence. In the stride of the elken lord of Hunt. With the breathe of Fire and Ash. To me.”

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