An excerpt from Andre Dubus' short story "A Father's Story" which will mean little without its context, but when do I ever give context? I remember the first time reading this I don't think it clicked. I remember it clicking better the second time. However I can't remember if how it clicked then, is how it clicks now. My clicking memory isn't functioning. Here it is:

Why? Do you love them less?

I tell Him no, it is not that I love them less, but that I could bear the pain of watching and knowing my sons' pain, could bear it with pride as they took the whip and nails. But you never had a daughter and, if You had, You could not have borne her passion.

So, He says, you love her more than you love Me.

I love her more than I love truth.

Then you love in weakness, He says.

As You love me, I say, and I go with an apple or carrot out to the barn.

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