mmm, new book.

So I bought a new book today. A new release even.

A new book by an author 30 years deceased.

The Children of Hurin, was released in a completion that was long in the making. Parts of it were previously released within Unfinished Tales, and The Book of Lost Tales series, entitled Narn i hin Hurin though the true title was Narn i chin Hurin. I'm only three chapters in and it is great, at least in terms of what I find great. The depth added to the characters from their depiction in The Silmarillion is extensive only three chapters in. Already Turin is a much more interesting as a child then I found him in the previous telling of his story. The struggle between Hurin and Morgoth much more compelling. I love The Silmarillion and Hurin was always my favorite character/story, so the more indepth look at the struggles of his family and the decay of Beleriand has me fully entertained. Oh and they inserted the mandatory Alan Lee artwork.

So far my only dissappointment is the smell.

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Mom said...

And what makes the smell of the book disappointing?