So I got an early birthday present last night.  Finally saw an artist in concert that I had never seen but had been following for a number of years now.  I was actually offered free entrance to a sold out show for the band he played in, and is now playing with again, but a number of factors resulted in me turning that chance down...  I'll just blame it on working for 19 hours straight the day before but that really wasn't the reason.  I dropped off stage pieces for them though.  The real reason is although I knew who Caedmon's Call was I hadn't really taken to liking them yet.  

But eventually Caedmon's started working its way into my head and I started checking their stuff out.  However I found myself really really drawn to some of their songs and just okay with some of their other stuff.  I didn't really single the cause out until someone actually told me they had two different male lead singers (They also have a lead female singer, but I figured that one out all on my own).  I was also told one was going to start doing some solo stuff.  So with this insight I started going back through the songs I really liked and found that close to all of them were sung by a specific singer (never went into who wrote each one, and knowing Caedmon's that can be all over the place).  What is more this is the singer that was breaking off and doing his own thing.  So...

Quite a few years later Derek Webb has become one of my favorite artists.  He probably deserves the title of the favorite, but I just can't throw that around anymore.  Well in concert he's even better, as I discovered last night.  Though his DVD I watched once gave me a good inclination to believe this.  

We also got the added bonus of seeing Sandra McCracken, Derek's wife, perform.  She's responsible for a number of Caedmon's songs herself.  Including the one recently played on Grey's Anatomy.  No, I don't watch the show; they just had a big promotion for Caedmon's being on it for what I believe was the finale.  Great song though (first song that comes up).  Wish it had been on their last album.  Also, at the concert Derek was saying one of his songs made it on an episode as well which I was unaware of.  Can't say I'm surprised, as he's good friends with a writer for the show.

Anyways, great concert.  Very much enjoyed by at least me.

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