This blog is getting a little too directional right now but I'll just try and pull out something random for my next few.

Just watched GoodFellas for the first time.  It was alright.  Not exactly my piece of toast, but it was alright.  After watching it however I listened to the cast and crew commentary, which showed me what Scorsese and the rest really found that drove them through this movie.  That was interesting.  But then there was another commentary that involved one of the real life people that was portrayed in the movie.  This was extremely interesting.  And haunting.  

Scorsese characters are often hard to relate to.  I had a teacher that said Scorsese characters are often interesting, but never likable.  Throw in organized crime and these just aren't situations I really know or have experienced.  However, this commentary helps you realize that this wasn't just made up.  Though due to the perspective I believe it is likely skewed by bias; both the commentary and the movie.  In the cast and crew commentary someone brings up Godfather, both the movie and the book, and how, although both incarnations are great, they are also fantasy.  Whereas GoodFellas is based on history.  Admittedly like any history, it is victim to the point of view, but there is a power to that.  And the story Scorsese wanted to tell is specifically about what perspective would make the life of organized crime seductive?  Why would someone be drawn to this?  And hearing from someone who lived it...  It definitely brings a different appreciation to the movie.  

Still overall a three stars.  Which is a personal rating.  I can see how people would list this as an all-time favorite, but I'll let them skew the results.  For me it was interesting but didn't have the hook.  Though that commentary certainly gave it a punch. 

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