At what point do you figure out who this is?

His father was a space pirate.  One of his brothers ended up in an alternate dimension.  His other  brother conquered a galactic empire.

He almost married a cosmic being posing as his girlfriend.  Cosmic being goes crazy threatens all creation yada yada.  

He did marry a clone of that same girlfriend.  Clone goes crazy becomes a demon queen.  Tries to sacrifice their son.  

He finally married that first girlfriend.  And for their honeymoon they go to the future to raise his son from the clone marriage, who got sent to the future as a baby in order to survive a virus.  

He also has a daughter from a future alternate dimension who helped raise the son in a different future.

His son comes back from the future and is older than him.  His daughter is just a little bit younger than him.

He also had the genetic equivalent of a son who came from an alternate dimension.  A test tube baby of sorts.  But no one liked him and he died.

He got fused together with a few-thousand-year-old egyptian.  He didn't like the experience much.

The wife dies, but now she may have now been reborn as a baby and is being protected/cared for by her clone's son from the future... in the future.


The Venerable Monster said...

Cyclops has had more drama in his life than in the entire running of "Days of Our Lives." Not that I watch it.

AedonTor said...

Xavier's not much better. And some of his are his own fault. I think it's the bald head. It creates a lot of evil mojo. And he has to overcome the mojo. Stupid mojo.

avallak said...

Ah, the sad and twisted saga of Scott "Cyclops" Summers.