Every now and then I think, I'm surprised Marvel hasn't tried for a live-action X-Men school age take of the CW-trademarked style. I'm not saying I desire this. I'm just saying I'd think they'd make a play at it. But then there's that little TV movie they made (with the hopes of continuing on with a show). And I think perhaps Marvel still hasn't been able to get the taste out of their mouth from their last project.

Now Generation X is actually one of my favorite of X-titles. At least at the starting point. But let's just say that this movie wasn't a good representation (from what I've seen). Chamber would have solved all their problems though, I say. (Buff?! I actually think Husk would have been less disturbing.)

It is possible that the X-Men First Class project could turn into a show but they're calling it a movie. I'll bet it doesn't come to be either way.


Caleb Weston said...

Ah, yes... Generation X. Just imagine what could have been if it had been picked up by Fox.

The Venerable Monster said...

Power Pack movie is the key to Marvel's continued success in film and television.

Daryl Smith said...

I remember the Generation X movie. I thought it was cool at the time, but that was only because of a major lack of other options. Looking back now, it's terrible.