There was a broken harp that could not be sold. It had been splintered at one time and was now held together by a coarse binding thread. Several strings were missing and could not be re-set due to its injury. It wore no paint save a poor wood finish which had not been done properly and had mostly come off. The strings that still remained were no longer tuned nor could they ever be truly fixed. The harp could not be sold, and it knew great sorrow.

Yet one day a man entered the store: a greatly rich and honored man. He saw the harp and gave everything he had to possess this harp. The man sold all that he owned, everything to his name, and spent it all to buy the cost of this broken harp.

The man set about to play the harp and despite all of the man's skill the harp, with its numerous faults, could not play the music, not the way it should sound. Thus the harp wept.

The honored man asked, "Why do you cry?" The harp answered, "Because I am not worthy of you, master, and certainly not the price you payed. And I cannot even serve you in your music. To what good do you want me?" The man said, "Your worth does not come from what you are. It comes from who I am, and what I paid for you."


Anonymous said...

What a great allegory of the love and sacrifice of the Lord. Thanks for sharing it.

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